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Financial services love for fintech – unrequited?

Once again we are on the crest of a wave of mergers and acquisitions whereby the very large swallow the very small.

I’m not at all confident that we won’t have the same result as the last time this happened…in the late 90s when the likes of Nokia and others attempted to buy innovation through a series of very small garage / basement based tech driven ventures.

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The ebb and flow of a transaction…

It’s an easy but not particularly insightful assumption to make, that those who develop the strategy for a deal might not be the best equipped to manage the integration process (I’ve written previously about the different skill sets required). What’s more interesting and useful to consider is that, even within the constraints of the integration process, the dynamics vary considerably. So when you’re selecting people for different tasks it’s worth considering whether their strengths lie in sprinting or marathon running…

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We need a revolution in M&A

All the big name consultancies have used an identical process for delivering mergers and acquisitions over the last 20 years, always sold on fear: “deals fail”, “focus on quick cost synergies”, “revenue synergies are difficult”, and “use our structured process”.  They’ve been at this for two decades and we have yet to see headlines that deals are now more successful as a result.  We are here to turn the industry on its head, challenge how everything is done and show that there is another way.

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